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Vision Education Program Surgery Specialists Sub Specialists Digestive Surgery / Consultant is at the center of Specialist Education II Studies Digestive Surgery Indonesia dignified, competitive, excel at national and international level based on research and the latest technology to support the process of implementation of education, research and dedication to public or Tridharma implementation College..


Mission Specialist Education Program Digestive Surgery Surgical subspecialists / Consultants

  1. Improving the quality and quantity of basic research, applied science and innovative policy and recognized nationally and internationally to support education, devotion and service to the community.
  2. Produce competent graduates and uphold the moral and ethical..
  3. Dedicated their expertise in the fields of science, technology, humanities, and the arts to the community minded national and international health..
  4. Developing a system-based institutional governance and management of the latest
  5. Implement education consultant surgeon digestif to always consider and adjust the Indonesian government’s program in terms of health care and scientific developments..