Here you can download documents related to FK UNAIR Digestive Surgery

  1. Admission requirements PPDS 2 Digestive Surgery
  2. Colorectal Malignancy Clinical Practice Guideline (Contributor: dr.Mamiek Dwi Putro, Spb-KBD and dr. Iwan Kristian, Spb-KBD)
  3. Seminar materials Surabaya Surgical Digestive Surgery 2017 Update

 a. Diverticular Diseases (dr. Sudjatmiko,SpB-KBD)

 b. Acute Mesenteric Ischaemia (dr. Mamiek Dwi Putro,SpB-KBD)

 c. Septicaemia (Dr. Vicky S Budipramana, dr, SpB-KBD)

 d. Nutrition in Malignancy (dr. J Iswanto H, SpB-KBD)

 e. Surgical Complication & Sepsis (Prof. P. Soetamto Wibowo, dr. SpB-KBD)

      4. Symposium dan Workshop Surabaya Gastriontestinal and Emergency Surgical (Booklet SuGIES)

5. Seminar SuGIES 19-20 May 2017 :

Conference for GP :

a. Acute Abdomen, Clinical and Diagnostic (Letnan Kolonel Laut (K) R. Yudadi, dr., SpB-KBD)

b. Pitfall on Acute Abdomen (Prof. P.Soetamto Wibowo, dr. SpB-KBD)

c. Medicolegal Aspect of Acute Abdomen in Emergency Setting (Rudy S, dr.,SH,MH,MBA)

d. Acute abdomen perioperative in emergency setting (J.Iswanto H, dr. SpB-KBD)

GI Stapling Workshop :

a. Intestinal Anastomosis (Sudjatmiko, dr.SpB-KBD)

b. Endostapler and Linear Stapler (Iwan Kristian, dr. SpB-KBD)

c. Intra Luminal Stapler & CDH (Tomy Lesmana, dr. SpB-KBD)

CRC Chemotherapy Workshop :

a. Nutrition Support in CRC (Dr. Vicky S Budipramana, dr. SpB-KBD)

National Symposium :

Session 1 :

a. Peptic Ulcer : Impacts on Pathological Anatomy Findings (Dyah Fauziah, dr.SpPA)

b. Peptic Ulcer Disease : Epidemiology and Social Factor (Herry Purbayu, dr.,SpPD-KGEH)

Session 2 :

a. Gastric and Duodenal Ulcer Prognostic Score (Prof. P. Soetamto, dr. SpB-KBD)

b. Surgical Management for Peptic Ulcer Perforation (Denny Septarendra, dr. SpB-KBD)

c. Laparoscopic Repair for Peptic Ulcer Perforation (Errawan Wiradisuria, dr.,SpB-KBD)

Session 3 :

a. Vagotomy in Perforated Peptic Ulcer, Is It Still Necessary (Dr. Ibrahim Labeda, dr.SpB-KBD)

Session 4 :

a. The role of Pyloric Exclusion in Duodenal Ulcer Perforation (Agi Satria, dr.SpB-KBD)

b. Perioperative Care For Perforated Peptic Ulcer ( J.Iswanto H, dr.SpB-KBD)